Osaka University of Economics and Law (OUEL), Japan would like to express warm appreciation for the friendly ties between the two universities.
We are pleased to inform you of our exchange program for Fall Semester, 2021. Please check out details from the website for our inbound exchange program.
‘Fact Sheet’ and ‘Nomination Form’ for Fall 2021 are now available to download.
‘ONLINE APPLICATION’ site will open from Monday 15 March.

Please be noted that the Fall exchange program may be possibly cancelled depending on the up-to-date situation with COVID-19, though we are planning to run the program in the Fall semester at this stage.

For more information, please check out the below website.
Application Procedure for Exchange Program(Inbound) at OUEL


*Application Period
Fall Semester 2021 :15th March – 9th April, 2021

Note: Application steps must be completed all on-line or by e-mail, including the submission of Nomination Form.

TEL: +81-729415597

Email: a-hashimoto@keiho-u.ac.jp

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